In the last few months I’ve been commissioned to document some fascinating projects, from a solar farm build in North Norfolk for Genatec Renewables, to a wind turbine construction in Lincolnshire. To compliment the aerial photography & video I also shoot high quality d-slr stills, video and timelapse video and will incorporate some gopro video if appropriate.  The resulting videos and photographs are record of the progress and often used in press releases, social media and on the websites of the the various contractors involved in the projects.

The below images are just a small sample of the documentation of the build of a wind turbine in Lincolnshire…

1-wind-turbine-photography-001 1-wind-turbine-photography-002 1-wind-turbine-photography-003 1-wind-turbine-photography-004 1-wind-turbine-photography-005 1-wind-turbine-photography-006 1-wind-turbine-photography-007 1-wind-turbine-photography-008

It’s not just the build of renewable energy generators which we record at Aerovisuals, last year I was commissioned to photograph for Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd to document their specialised service of cleaning solar panels to ensure maximum solar efficiency.  Again combining the aerial drone photography and ground-based d-slr photography to capture the services they offer…

2-solar-farm-cleaning-photography-001 2-solar-farm-cleaning-photography-002 2-solar-farm-cleaning-photography-003

Below are some shots of the very early stages of the solar farm build in North Norfolk for Genatec, both a useful record of progress but also allowing the company to provide a visual idea to potential clients of the processes involved in solar farm development…

3-solar-farm-photography-001 3-solar-farm-photography-002

Aerial photography of completed solar farms is the only way to fully display a solar farm, the below shot shows a ground level image which is fine for showing the panels close up but to get an idea of the full area of the solar farm it is necessary to take to the air and using a drone piloted by both a fully-licensed pilot and experienced photographer ensures the very best images are captured.

3-solar-farm-photography-003 3-solar-farm-photography-004 3-solar-farm-photography-005

Another, perhaps less well-known, renewable energy source is the production of biogas.  Aerovisuals were sub-contracted by a production company to film footage for a short documentary about the processes at Oak Grove Renewables in Norfolk.  The filming comprised dslr video, aerial video, some interviews with staff and a collection of high resolution still images shown below.  The images were subsequently used in various press releases to promote the work undertaken at this biogas plant.

4-biogas-photography-001 4-biogas-photography-002

For more information about the commercial aerial photography and videography available for renewable energy companies please contact us to discuss your requirements or get a quote.

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