Earlier this year I was commissioned by Sheringham Golf Club to make a couple of short videos and capture a range of stills images for their club website & brochure.

The first video was to be used as an introduction to the course to capture not only the stunning fairways & greens but also the views and unique setting of the course right on the cliffs at Sheringham.  Surely one of the most scenic golf courses in the country let alone Norfolk!  It took some planning to ensure we got the best possible imagery of the course, weather being an obvious hurdle but also the time of day to account for the position of the sun across the course and shooting at times where I would minimise any disruption to the golfers.  As a member myself I know how difficult it is to hit a ball straight without having a drone buzzing around putting you off your swing!

This first video was the introduction to the course, it combines aerial drone video footage and shots done using the dslrs plus some timelapse…

I also got some stills for the club website and printed brochures, some on the drone some using the dslrs…

…and finally the hole-by-hole fly-by video, allowing visitors to have a virtual round and see what each of the holes entails before even getting here!

Sheringham Golf Course Hole by Hole from Chris Taylor Photo / AeroVisuals on Vimeo.

Hopefully these few photos and videos demonstrate the possibilities good quality drone photography & video present to golf courses.  If you’d like to know more about my Norfolk golf course photography please drop me a line.

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