For the past few months Aerovisuals has been commissioned by Norfolk Estate Agents Arnolds Keys to capture aerial images of a number of the properties on their books (also in many instances doing the ground-based exterior images and interiors).  Recently the Eastern Daily Press featured one of their properties as Home of the week in their Property section (and we got the front cover too).
This was obviously great publicity for both the property and Arnolds Keys, it emphasises the value of aerial property photography.




Properties which really benefit from aerial photography are those with extensive land, a plan view can be great for showing the boundaries of the land for sale.  Another great use for aerial photography of properties is to demonstrate the surroundings (eg. if a property is in a sleepy village or surrounded by fields) or to show the proximity to areas of interest such as the coast.
The below shot was for a holiday village being sold near Mundesley, this shot shows both the proximity to the beach and the extent of the land available.


The next two shots are of a holiday rental property, the shots show the rural surroundings of the property and the extensive gardens.  This information wouldn’t be possible through land-based photography alone.

150417-ValleyFmHo-001 150417-ValleyFmHo-006

The below shot was commissioned as a wedding anniversary present for the owners of the property in the centre of the shot.  The brief was to get a shot of the property & gardens, include Beeston Hill and get some sea in the shot.


The below is another shot commissioned by Arnolds Keys, the three storey property to the bottom left of the image is for sale and we needed a shot to show how close the property is the beach…


For the full gallery of commercial property photography (including ground-based exterior and interior shots) click here.