I recently spent some time filming a short aerial video for Needham Chalks to show the process of extracting chalk from their quarry just outside Norwich to spreading it on fields to enrich the soil.
The film combines aerial footage shot with the drone and some land-based footage. They opted not to go with a voiceover or captions as the story is fairly self-explanatory but these are options I offer if required.
Needham Chalks plan to use the film on a large screen at various country shows around the East of England and on their website so I shot it all in 4K for the best possible quality.
If your business needs a short promo film making to demonstrate what you do please get in contact for a quote, these can usually be achieved in a half day’s filming and come in at well under £1000 including editing and supplying the finished film with titles, soundtrack, plus voiceover/captions if required.