Property Survey Photography

In the past roof & chimney surveys have required ugly, expensive scaffolding but using the UAV we are able to fly up & photograph/video the roof to check on potential issues.

Other applications include surveying windmills, aerials & masts and church roofs & spires.



Aerial UAV photography is perfect for agronomy studies – by hovering from ground level up to 400ft we can photograph fields showing potential problem areas requiring irrigation, pesticide/herbicides or soil enrichment/treatment.


Estate Agent Photography

Providing aerial images from various altitudes and aspects can truly give potential buyers the chance to see the surroundings and gardens increasing the opportunity for sales.


New Build Photography

Aerial images for a new build is hugely valuable to property developers and the construction industry.


Renewable Energy

UAV can be a highly cost-effective way to carry out wind turbine surveys, also the higher perspective is perfect for images of solar farm development.




Combining aerial imagery & video with ground-based video AeroVisuals can put together a professional quality short film to fully show off a tourist attraction and can include aerial imagery of the surrounding area and natural attractions nearby.



Landscape photography

A number of stock images & video are already available for press, publications and web showing the North Norfolk coast from this unique perspective. Commissions for specific images are also available.


Golf Course photography

Using the UAV we can provide Hole by hole fly-through demonstrations, fully optimised for your club website. Aerial stills photography of the course is another great way to give potential customers a good idea of the layout and terrain.


Weddings & Events

Gain a unique perspective on your wedding from above.

Also available to photograph outdoor concerts or festivals (although gatherings of more than 1000 people does require special permission from the CAA if filming within 150m of the event & must be applied for well in advance).





Factory and business premises photographed from the air can give a better view of the scale of the operation.

Other industrial applications include quarry photography and land surveying.